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Acacia Betancourt is the Senior Creative and UX Designer at GlobalGiving. She is responsible for the visual integrity and growth of the GlobalGiving brand, and uses her love of design to create awesome products in various mediums that resonate with the GlobalGiving audience. Prior to working at GlobalGiving, Acacia got a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona.  Upon graduation, and after an exhaustive job search, she found a job on the west coast working with brands like National Geographic, Newseum, WTOP, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Harry Potter Exhibition. After honing her branding, print, web, user experience, packaging, advertising, and video editing skills, Acacia joined the ranks of the nonprofit world to continue using her experience and expertise for good. When she's not obsessing over fonts, she can be found kayaking, hiking, or buying yet another houseplant.
Courtney Eskew is the Senior Manager for Vetting and Grants at GlobalGiving where she spends her days helping nonprofits access the tools, training, and support they need to make the world a better place. As the largest crowdfunding community in the world, Global Giving is a mission-driven organization that connects nonprofits with donors in nearly every field of philanthropy and all across the globe. In her position, Courtney leads a team working to ensure that every nonprofit that posts a project on GlobalGiving is a legitimate charity run by people who care about philanthropy. A graduate of Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee Courtney utilizes her unlikely double major in International Affairs and French Language & Literature to thrive in her multifaceted position. She joins us on this episode of Time4Coffee all the way from London (drinking an English Breakfast tea) to chat about the exciting and rewarding field of development and philanthropy.
Data Scientist Nick Hamlin uses statistics and programming, along with his own curious brain, to ask and answer intriguing questions in the non-profit or social sector at GlobalGiving. Under the slogan: “Donate to charity and see your impact with regular updates,” GlobalGiving has become the largest crowdfunding community in the world. Nick works on a diverse array of projects, including measuring the on-the-ground impact of the organizations his nonprofit supports through crowdfunded donations. On his own, Nick has developed GlobalGiving’s ETL system, which allows his colleagues to better manage the data most relevant to their work, on their own. Nick graduated from the University of Rochester with a dual degree in Mechanical Engineering and History and eventually went on to earn a graduate degree in Information and Data Science. After spending time in the private sector, Nick began working for GlobalGiving. In this ‘caffeinated conversation’ Nick tells us about his interesting life and career - from his experience in the data industry to his experience as a troubadour on the National Mall.  
Donna Callejon is the Chief Business Partnerships Officer at GlobalGiving, a nonprofit organization and the largest global crowdfunding community. GlobalGiving connects other nonprofits, donors and companies across the globe to put money and other resources where they’re needed most. Donna’s role at GlobalGiving consists of developing corporate and other strategic partnerships, as well as working directly with partners like the Ford Motor Company Fund to help them and their employees better help others. Before joining GlobalGiving in 2003, Donna spent 15 years building her career at Fannie Mae where she worked her way up to become a senior executive. During her college years at UC Davis, Donna played on several  intramural teams and studied Agriculture and Managerial Economics and took classes in Statistics and Finance which she really enjoyed. By the way, Donna did not get a graduate school degree and doesn’t feel she needed one. Donna also gets personal and shares how she navigated her career as a gay woman during a period of time in the US when a person’s sexual orientation wasn’t valued, let alone celebrated. And she has some wise words for young LGBTQ professionals.
Emily Schaefer is a Policy Advisor at the global humanitarian and development organization, Mercy Corps. But that was far from her first job at Mercy Corps.  In 2013, Emily got her foot in the door as an intern on the Policy and Advocacy team. Following her internship she got another break when a job opened up for the Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Global Engagement & Policy (spoiler alert:  Andrea was in that role) and Office Administrator. Emily held those 2 positions for 2 years before getting promoted yet again to become an Associate Policy Advisor. Since then Emily has steadily climbed the ladder at Mercy Corps on the Policy team. Prior to her time at Mercy Corps, Emily interned at the U.S. State Department in the Office of the Senior Advisor for Innovation. Emily attended McDaniel College, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and double major in Political Science and International Studies, with a focus in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies.
Madeline Rose is a Senior Global Advocacy Advisor at Mercy Corps, a global humanitarian and development NGO, where she works to create and implement public policies to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. She’s a policy expert and advocacy strategist with innovative problem-solving skills, evidenced by her success in designing Mercy Corps’ first globally coordinated advocacy campaign, which she now leads. Her current focus is passing a bill called the “Global Fragility and Violence Reduction Act of 2018” in the U.S. Congress that will help end violence in Guatemala, Nigeria, Iraq and many other conflict-affected countries. Madeline travels frequently and works with her Mercy Corps colleagues in countries around the world to find out what may be driving violence in their countries in order to identify solutions to stopping it. Madeline studied Diplomacy and World Affairs at Occidental College and during her time there, interned with the United Nations. After graduating, Madeline moved to D.C. and worked in the Capitol Hill office of former Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) as a Legislative Correspondent and Staff Assistant. It was in Rep. Honda’s office that Madeline learned the value of mentorship and truly kicked off her career. Since then, she’s worked her way up at Mercy Corps, moving from policy advisor up to her current title. Where others focus on finding problems, Madeline focuses on creating solutions to make the world a better place.

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