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Georgetown University

B.S.F.S., International Politics

Harvard Kennedy School

M.P.P., International Development



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“When you get to the thing that you’re doing and it’s the thing you want to be doing, stick with it and develop some mastery at it.”

Career Challenge

“If I’d been doing this totally by myself, I would have felt differently, but I have three really close friends who started this with me and we were doing it all together. You’re in the boat with others and maybe everybody’s feeling like this is hard work, but at least you’re together. So I think that helped a lot. And I think having some self-awareness, just knowing that there’s some things here I’m good at doing, and if I just stick at it, we’ll eventually get there. I think maybe those have helped.”

Professional Interests

Ian Bremmer, Seth Berkley, Paul Sagoo, Georgetown University, Atlas Corps, World Trade Center Delaware, U.S. Agency for International Development, Devex – International Development, Harvard Kennedy School

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