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Adam Roseman, CEO of Steady, works with a passionate team to help millions of Americans realize their income potential in a changing work environment. Founded in the summer of 2017 by Adam Roseman, Michael Loeb and Eric Aroesty, the Steady app allows people to find jobs fast, seek financial advice and save money with deals on everything from healthcare plans to tax help.
Lisa Shalett is a Managing Partner & Head of Strategic Innovation at Brookfield Asset Management, a position she took after a year-long ‘retirement’ during which she advised startups and worked as an angel investor. Brookfield is an alternative asset management firm that focuses on long lasting investments in areas such as real estate. Lisa is an expert in the field of investment banking and financial services following her impressive 20 year career at Goldman Sachs, one of the largest investment banks in the world.
Dr. Janet Yellen is currently serving as a Distinguished Fellow in Residence at The Brookings Institution. From 2014 to 2018,  Dr. Yellen served as the Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the first woman to hold this position. During her time as the head of the Federal Reserve, unemployment dropped from 6.7% to 4.1%!  
Brock Silvers is Managing Director at Kaiyuan Capital, a private equity investment firm in Shanghai, China. Previously, Brock served as the CEO of Laris Group, as well as Managing Director of Kaiyuan Investment Advisory. Additionally, Brock was a co-Founding Partner at Power Pacific Company and he served as Director of International Development for Eagle Industries. Brock earned an M.B.A. in Finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, an M.A. in International Studies (Chinese Language & Culture) from the Lauder Institute of the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. in Chinese Studies from Columbia University.
Jim Hallmark is the Director of Finance, Investment & Trade at the Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC). Since 2008, Jim has worked tirelessly with members of his team to help developing countries structure and manage public private partnerships (PPPs) and other types of blended finance transactions to develop infrastructure and other public services in Africa, Eurasia and Latin America. But the work doesn’t stop there. Jim has also seen his fair share of law books, working as a finance attorney in private law firms representing investors and companies in U.S. and international equity & debt financings, mergers & acquisitions, business start-ups, and licensing arrangements. With a resumé already loaded with experience, Jim co-founded the Latin American Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (LAVCA), a non-profit member organization that supports private equity & venture capital in Latin America through education, networking, research and advocacy. If you are passionate about the fight against global poverty and have dreamed about breaking into the world of foreign aid, then you’ll definitely want to grab your mug and take a chug of your favorite caffeinated brew and press play on this T4C episode!
Michele Bettencourt is the Co-CEO and Founder of He Said/She Said, a film production company and the Executive Producer of the documentary film, “Beautiful Lie” the story of Michele’s transition from Anthony Bettencourt to Michele a non-binary transgender m2f (male to female).  “Beautiful Lie” is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2019 at various film festivals. Michele’s documentary was filmed while she transitioned professionally, and personally, from the President, CEO and Chairman of Imperva, a cyber security software and services company, and from male to non-binary transgender m2f.  Michele is also a musician who wrote, sang and played drums on the rock album entitled “New Normal” available on iTunes. Michele served in those roles since she joined Imperva in 2014.  Prior to working at Imperva, Michele was President, CEO and Chairman of Coverity from 2010 to 2014, replacing the founder.  Michele has worked in Silicon Valley since 1982 when she dropped out of college at the University of Santa Clara where she was majoring in English. She later went back to Santa Clara in her mid-40’s to complete her B.A. in 2006.
Tyronda (Ty) Gibson is the Sustainable Communities Pilot Manager at Fannie Mae, a financial services company that provides housing finance in the American housing industry. As the Sustainable Communities Pilot Manager, Ty is responsible for fostering creative programs that ensure affordable homes in safe neighborhoods are available along with access to good schools, medical facilities, grocery stores that sell healthy foods and other community-related services. Ty studied math and economics in college, and began work as a data analyst post-graduation, where she found that the work wasn’t fulfilling. One week on a trip to Atlanta, Ty joined a friend on a trip to an inner city neighborhood and saw up close and personal what an ‘underserved’ community looked and smelled like.  She was instantly moved to tears and decided to pursue a career that would support communities in creating more affordable, safe housing for all Americans.
Dr. Janet Yellen, the first-ever Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, is a leading voice and expert on the American economy and more broadly, in the field of Economics, specifically the workforce and unemployment. Serving from 2014 to 2018 as Chairwoman and 2010 to 2014 as Vice Chairwoman, Dr. Yellen’s commitment to economic welfare has profoundly influenced thousands of lives. During Dr. Yellen’s tenure, the American economy saw a period of economic prosperity, with a steady decline in unemployment. Prior to her work at the Federal Reserve, Dr. Yellen was Chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers under President Bill Clinton. She also served as President of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Today, Dr. Yellen is a Distinguished Fellow in Residence at the Brookings Institution. If you’re considering a career in economics or want to learn more about the field, press play for insights from one of the world’s most highly regarded economics professionals!
Lisa Shalett is a Managing Partner & Head of Strategic Innovation at Brookfield Asset Management, a position she took after a year-long ‘retirement’ during which she advised startups and worked as an angel investor. Lisa is an expert in the field of investment banking and financial services, acquiring wisdom from her impressive 20 year career at Goldman Sachs, one of the largest investment banks in the world. A Partner at Goldman, Lisa also held numerous other positions including Global Head of Brand Marketing and Digital Strategy, managing the company’s brand during the 2008 financial crisis. Prior to entering the financial services world, Lisa lived and worked in Japan and got her East Asian Studies degree from Harvard University, and later her MBA from the Harvard Business School. Lisa is an exceptional leader and strategic thinker who loves solving problems. Energized on life rather than caffeine, she makes time for coffee today in this T4C Espresso Shots episode to answer those key questions that you need to know if you are pursuing a career in financial services.
Liza Goodspeed is an Analyst at Accenture Strategy with a strong interest in the healthcare industry. During her time at Accenture (she started in August 2017) Liza has assessed the current state of a call center and assisted with designing a transformation strategy through agent observations, stakeholder interviews and analysis of call patterns, call types and FTE data.  The findings were then translated into several business cases with corresponding implementation charters and an integrated roadmap. Liza has also worked on things like patient access and revenue cycle transformation and clinical variation reduction strategies. She didn’t get interested in this field, until her senior year at the University of Pennsylvania, where she’d been pre-med and expected to go into medical school, not into the business world.  Liza graduated from U Penn in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Health and Societies and Healthcare Markets and Financing.

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