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Sarah Robb O’Hagan is the CEO of Flywheel Sports*, the fastest growing indoor cycling company.  She learned the hard way why professionals who thrive must ‘step up’, ‘stand out’ and ‘kick ass’. And, oh yeah, why it’s essential to repeat all of the above if you want to succeed!  Sarah is on the cutting edge as a leader in the fitness industry which is currently experiencing a major transformation through digital content and services. Prior to becoming Flywheel’s CEO, O’Hagan served as the global president of Gatorade, where she successfully led that business through a tough repositioning and turnaround. She’s also been the global president of Equinox, another luxury fitness company, where she reinvented their brand through a notable tech transformation. An executive, entrepreneur, and activist, O’Hagan is a high-energy combo of a strong business leader, fitness fanatic, mother of three, and has been listed as one of Forbes’ “Most Powerful Women in Sports” and one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business.”  She’s also the author of the terrific book Extreme YOU: Step Up. Stand Out. Kick Ass. Repeat. a kind of manifesto equipping people of all ages to take big risks, manage big failures and kick ass all the way to a successful career.  
Elise Gaston Chand has held a number of titles in a few different fields, since she graduated from Randolph-Macon Women’s College (now Randolph-Macon College).  She started out as a reporter working on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.. Elise then fell into the human resources field, where she worked for 3 decades for companies like Starbucks and Yum! Brands-- owner of KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. She felt she had found the perfect career when, out of the blue, she was laid off. Elise felt this was a sign that she needed to be following her true passion, not just for the paycheck, but to have fun and work from home! She started her podcast -- Because of Horses-- in October 2017 and soon after and to this day, it doesn’t feel like work. Elise now gets to spend way more time with her loved ones and talk to people in the horse industry that she’s admired and adored since childhood. From journalism to HR to horses, Elise really knows her stuff! Plus, her amazing podcast Because of Horses can be found right here -- check it out! Press Play and listen to Elise share some valuable information and amusing anecdotes.
In his teens and early 20s, Levi Meeuwenberg was flipping off of walls, somersaulting over railings, and performing impossible stunts across the US as a professional parkour and stunt man. His extraordinary acrobatic skills helped him land gigs as a parkour dancer on one of Madonna’s World tours, as a star competitor on Japan’s Sasuke Ninja Warrior, and even as a stunt man in The Avengers (he briefly doubled Captain America) and in the movie The Bourney Legacy (he doubled Jeremy Renner)! But after all of this success, Levi grew disillusioned with his parkour career and decided to pursue a lifestyle that he felt could produce something of more lasting value. Enter: permaculture. Leaving his parkour career behind, Levi developed a deep concern about climate change and discovered permaculture — the development of self-sustaining agricultural systems. Levi moved back to his hometown in Michigan and applied his new love for ecology and sustainable living, and has since become successful enough to share his knowledge with others. Supplementing his permaculture lifestyle with his own web design business, Hog the Web, Levi is on a mission to show other Americans the importance of living sustainably in communities in which neighbors not only regularly support one another but also eschew the trappings of so-called successful lives in order to build truly happy lives. 
Peter Loge is an expert in the realm of politics in public policy, serving in senior positions for three members of the House of Representatives, the late Senator Kennedy, and under the Obama Administration. In his impressive career as a strategic and communications consultant, Peter has worked as a senior advisor to the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, a position which was created for him. Drawing from his experience, he penned the book Soccer Thinking For Management Success: Lessons for Organizations from the World’s Game. In this work Peter demonstrates to readers, through comparison with the sport of soccer, how working as a team towards a common goal can lead to a business’ success in the present day fast-paced working world. A graduate of Emerson College in Boston, Peter is an Associate Professor at The George Washington University school of Media and Public Affairs Students, sharing his wisdom on communications, politics, and management. On this episode of T4C, we bring all that and more to you!
Joe De Sena has always been guided by his entrepreneurial drive. Before applying to Cornell University, Joe had already built a multimillion dollar pool business in his hometown New York City. After his studies at Cornell, where he majored in Textiles, Joe’s passion took him to Wall Street and then to Vermont, where his business acumen helped him operate and manage an organic farm among other ventures. It was here where Joe first developed his idea for the Spartan Races – the international fitness phenomenon that’s gaining popularity in more than 30 countries across the world. These races are rooted in his own mantras of motivation. In an age of luxury and technology, it’s important that people stay active and embrace the Spartan lifestyle. Two-time New York Times bestselling author of the cultural hits Spartan Up and Spartan Fit, Joe has a thing or two to say about getting off the couch, on the move, and to a better future. Listen up, Java Junkies!
Eve Rosenbaum is the Manager of International Scouting for the 2017 World Series Champion Houston Astros.  It’s a dream come true for this baseball lover who played ball most of her life, including playing softball in college. Shortly after graduating, her childhood dream came true.  Today, Eve scouts baseball stars around the world, frequently travelling to Colombia and the Dominican Republic to watch up and coming international teenagers test their baseball chops. She also manages the international scouting team, making decisions about which players outside the US and Canada to sign to play in the US minor leagues. Eve was directly involved in signing Venezuelan Jose Altuve, the Astros’ second baseman and the 2017 American League MVP. Before working for the 2017 World Series champs, Eve attended Harvard College, where she studied Psychology and Philosophy and earned a summer internship with the Boston Red Sox.
Sarah Robb O’Hagan learned the hard way why professionals who thrive must ‘step up’, ‘stand out’ and ‘kick ass’. And, oh yeah, why it’s essential to repeat all of the above if you want to succeed!  As CEO of Flywheel Sports, the fast growing indoor cycling company, O’Hagan is on the cutting edge as a leader in the fitness industry which is currently experiencing a major transformation through digital content and services.

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