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University of Michigan

B.A. Anthropology, International Affairs



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“Things will not be like this forever. They probably won’t even be like this for more than a year. There is going to be an opportunity for you. And so you keep your eyes and you just to keep your attention pointed, outward at, to keep the conversation is happening to keep up those efforts.”

Career Challenge

“I lost my job at, it feels like nothing could be as hard as when I first graduated and I didn’t have a single clue in the world about what it was going to come next. And it was a recession, you know? And so I think the takeaway is like, once you get starting started, there is a momentum and is, it is never easy, but it definitely gets easier.”


Online Advertising, Account Management, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Strategic Partnership

Professional Interests

Travel, Women Empowerment, Research, Fair-trade Products, The New York Times

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