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University of Rochester

B.A., B.S., Mechanical Engineering/European History

UC Berkeley School of Information

Master's, Information and Data Science



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“There’s no playbook for this kind of thing. And I think it’s easy to assume that there is when you talk to people who have been doing it for a long time, but my first boss told me, no, we really are all figuring this out the same way you are.”

Career Challenge

I had just come off this undergrad career where I had been really busy and doing a bunch of stuff. I’m like, I’m working really hard, I should be able to get a job. It was really difficult. And I struggled with that a lot, but I think the thing that got me through is you just have to keep grinding, even if you’re not sure where the release from that is going to come, it will come if you keep grinding.”


Leadership, Analysis, Data Analysis, Research, Statistics, Nonprofits, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Web Analytics, Agile Methodologies, Python, Public Speaking, Web Scraping


Professional Interests

DJ Patil, Jim Yong Kim, Dan Ariely, University of Rochester, Games Workshop Ltd, GlobalGiving, GlobalGiving Alumni, Digital Impact Community, Apache Spark, UC Berkeley School of Information


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