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Cornell University

B.A., Economics


Career Path

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“You’re going to form relationships with people that will, over time, develop a real curiosity about your potential. Your career will get kind of drawn into opening doors for you and you for them, and a kind of symbiosis will develop. And so you’re kind of meeting people, growing your network of people. They’re looking out for you when you’re looking out for them … And so every time I would be in a new situation, I’d say: What can I learn? But also, who can I meet and who can I develop that kind of symbiotic relationship where I can help them, they can help me in whatever we’re trying to do to improve society? Relationships trump content knowledge as you’re building your career.”

Career Challenge

“[In] the early years of Grameen Foundation, I pushed myself so hard that my mental and physical and emotional and spiritual health was severely compromised. And again, some of my early mentors almost viewed that as a badge of honor, that they were sacrificing their wellbeing for the good of the cause. But I came to believe that that was misguided. I came to believe that you can actually take care of yourself … Many of the lessons in When in Doubt, Ask for More are about, how do you care for yourself so that … despite how hard you’re working and the setbacks, that each year you’re a little bit healthier emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally? But it took me almost bombing out and burning out early in my career to get serious about that.”


Fundraising, Research, Social Entrepeneurship

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