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Are you struggling to figure out how to navigate the coronavirus and still turn your

college degree, Master’s or PhD, into a career you’ll like, let alone love?

Then you’re in exactly the right place my friends!


I’m a former, award-winning CNN correspondent, as well as public relations and non-profit executive, who is currently on her 4th career as an entrepreneur and podcast host.

As host of the Time4Coffee podcast, I’ve spent the last couple of years interviewing hundreds of professionals – in dozens of different careers from the entry-level up to the executive C-suite – about what they do in their current jobs and how they built their careers.

During these interviews, I’ve heard countless stories of how these men and women, zigged and zagged their way to finding the right professional fit. I’ve also heard stories of devastating failures that turned into fabulous opportunities, as well as the power of building an authentic personal network and the outsized importance of cultivating qualities like grit and curiosity.

Along the way, I’ve had mind-blowing moments when I realized there were cross-cutting themes among so many of those who’ve landed in careers they loved, versus those who still haven’t.

I’d love to help you cut through all the noise and recognize that your college major isn’t the ‘tiny house’ that you’ll be forced to live in for the rest of your days. Instead, it’s the foundation of a ‘professional skyscraper’ that you’ll be building for decades to come, with each new job and career adding a new floor to that skyscraper!


So, please take a deep breath. You’re going to crush it and I’m going to show you how!


In 1:1 coaching (over Zoom) I will show you how to:

  • Translate what you’ve learned inside/outside the classroom into a language that resonates with employers.
  • Identify where your interests lie, and why following your ‘passion’ is terrible advice.
  • Figure out what careers you’d enjoy pursuing.
  • Start building an authentic professional network.
  • Prepare for informational interviews and job interviews.


Your professional journey, like so many of ours, will include lots of zigging and zagging as you try out different careers and explore new interests. And it’ll continue to evolve as your own priorities change — whether you want more control over your time or eventually decide to start a family. 

As the old Chinese proverb goes:  A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Take the First Step

Sign up for 1:1 coaching so I can help you figure out your next steps. I promise you – as someone who couldn’t have imagined where I’d be today, in my 4th career, you’ll be much happier and more fulfilled as a result!

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