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Brown University

Various Degrees, Economics

Yale University

PhD, Economics



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“Find something you really love doing. I mean, I think a good career starts with figuring out what makes you feel energized. Java helps but beyond that, having work that you really enjoy doing that you find exciting that you want to spend your time doing.”

Career Challenge

“I’ll always remember by first press conference … everything was going okay until a reporter asked me a question about some language in the statement … we had some words like ‘it would be a considerable time before interest rates were raised’ and I really didn’t intend to define what ‘considerable time’ meant. And I got pressed and pressed and pressed on what did this mean? And eventually I made a mistake and I said six months … And the minute I said six months, I later discovered the market started plummeting … Eventually as I look back on it I think, okay, I made a mistake and I didn’t make another mistake like that. I think you have to not beat up on yourself too much when you make an error.”


Project Management, Communication, Strategy

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