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University of California, Santa Cruz

B.S., Linguistics

Middlebury Institute of International Studies of Monterey

M.B.A., Social Enterprise and Finance


Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

Leveraging networks and listening to podcasts, like Time4Coffee is a really great way to learn about positions. But then you can start reaching out to different networks of people and asking how you can get involved and support them and then maybe move into their job one day.”

Career Challenge

“Particularly as an American, so much of our social worth is tied to the contribution that we bring to society, which often translates to our job. And when you don’t have a job, it becomes very easy to be very discouraged. And I think for me, it was definitely a trying time. There were times that I got very discouraged during that period, but I think learning how to stay positive and say, okay got rejected, let’s get up, let’s try again. The biggest lesson I learned there was resilience.”


Public Speaking, Business Relationship Management, Impact Investing, Venture Capital, International Relations, Social Media, Business Development, Nonprofit Organizations, Project Management, Spanish, Chinese, Leadership, Personal Branding


Professional Interests

University of California, Santa Cruz, Universitat de Barcelona, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, Women Impact Investing Network (WIIN), Sustainable International Development & Sustainability, Social Enterprise and Development, Middlebury College

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