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Prairie View A&M University

B.A., Finance

Creighton University

M.A., Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“[In college I should have] taken in the moments, smell the roses a little bit more. I have been a relatively driven person with a lack of balance.”

Career Challenge

“During the low housing prices I got into too much debt, and my credit score was trash. It tanked. And we had a couple of our rental properties foreclosed … One of the hardest things for me that I had to get over was I’m this financial advisor, I’m this financial guru that hasn’t done things perfect … how can I tell people what they need to do with their finances? So that was a mental hurdle that I had to get over because there’s nowhere written that says you had to do something to be able to tell people how not to act … And I think overcoming that mental hurdle taught me a lot of things about myself. And I think the takeaway for your audience is the fact that sometimes the loudest voice in our head is our own.”


Coaching, Financial Planning, Investing

Professional Interests

Finance, Mentoring, Portfolio Management

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