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Cornell University

B.A., Apparel and Textiles



Career Path

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“If you don’t know what your passion is, you can’t sit still.”

Career Challenge

“I was able, that first semester at Cornell, to go in as an extramural student, I wasn’t matriculated. They didn’t consider me a real student, but I could take three classes. And then hopefully at the end of the semester, I could show them that I can handle the workload. That was my plan. And I did well, and I reapplied and they didn’t accept me. And I was pissed. Their reason was we can’t let people come in this way, because then everybody’s gonna skirt the normal process. They’re going to want to fake their way in this way. And I said, I understand but I’m going to do it again. So I did a second semester and I reapplied and they did not accept me. After three semesters of doing this, I was broken.”



Entrepreneurship, Social Media Marketing, Marketing, Sports, Fitness, Sales, Event Planning, Start-ups, Strategy, Business Development, Nutrition, Digital Marketing, Nutrition, Wellness, Small Business, SEO, Leadership, Coaching, Team Building


Professional Interests

Steven J. Thompson, Ralph de la Vega, David L. Katz, Verizon, Ford Motor Company, Cornell University, AAF Dallas, Greater Dallas Area Human Resources Professionals – HR, American Marketing Association, Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter

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