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University of Michigan




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“If you’re so driven towards success in monetary terms or in professional terms, you might actually sacrifice some of the more important things such as family or your local community.”

Career Challenge

“When I was working on the Bourne Legacy in Manila, there were many different things going on in my life and in my mind at the time that I was starting to feel disillusioned, not with parkour, more so the professional aspect of the entertainment business and stunts. Seeing all the poverty that was happening in Manila and seeing all the corruption and also the pollution, it was just really sad and jarred me and made me think, what am I doing here?… All these things and many more came together in my mind and helped me to realize I don’t think this is the best use of my skills and of my time.”


Parkour, Stunts, Acrobatics, Choreography, Television, Video, Event Planning, Sports, Advertising, Film, Editing, Personal Training, Creative Direction, Martial Arts, Directing, Boxing


Professional Interests

Tempest Freerunning Academy, Hog The Web | WordPress Website Services, University of Michigan

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