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Harvard University

B.A., Psychology and Philosophy


Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“It’s important to find people who you trust, have conversations with them, but you really have to know yourself and know when to take someone’s advice and know when to ignore it.”

Career Challenge

I was working on our NFL mobile application. I was not a computer engineer, but that was the job that was assigned to me. I had to teach myself Omniture, I had to teach myself how to interpret the data. And then I had to work with our developers who were actually coding the app. I was living in New York city and they were based in India. So the time difference was maybe 14 hours. And we had a summer where we had to get this app coded and sent to markets.”

Professional Interests

Harvard University, National Football League (NFL), Boston Red Sox, The CTY Alumni Network, Mather Links

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