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Episode #1000 is a fun and valuable mashup of some of our favorite T4C guests to-date (as of June 2022) which includes, in order of appearance:

  • T4C Episode #824Ming Chen is the Chief Culture Officer at Education First, an international education company specializing in educational travel, cultural exchanges and language training.  (2:00 – 8:00) 
  • T4C Episode #898Alex Valaitis is a product manager* and product lead of Elevate, one of LinkedIn’s enterprise product lines — with 12 dedicated engineers.  (8:00 – 18:00) 
  • T4C Episode #691David Rosenstein is an admissions coordinator and sales development representative at Bullseye Admissions, an education startup to help high school students navigate the college application process. (18:20 – 25:30)
  • T4C Episode #789: Kelsey Hess was a content and brand manager for Dr. AvivaRomm* and Kion, a rapidly growing health and wellness startup founded by Ben Greenfield. (25:30 – 31:00) 
  • T4C Episode #748:  MK (Mohammed) Elkhamissy is the General Manager of Operations at one of the leading construction contracting groups in the Middle East. (31:00 – 41:00) 
  • T4C Episode #679: Maria Ressa is the CEO and executive editor of Rappler, an online news network based in the Philippines. Rappler’s mission is to tell stories that create conversations and change among their community of readers. (41:00 – 43:00) 
  • T4C Episode #304: Mo Rocca is a humorist, journalist and an actor. He is currently a correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning, as well as the host for CBS’s series The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation. (43:00 – 47:00) 
  • T4C Episode #516: Shawn Olds is the Chief Executive Officer of boodleAI, the leading machine learning peer-to-peer platform that empowers nonprofits to connect with and engage new donors and supporters and companies to find their best customers.  (47:00 – 49:40) 
  • T4C Episode #209Zac Willette is a board certified chaplain and founder and president of Allay Care, a nonprofit organization that guides people through both life and death experiences by helping them become more comfortable talking about and documenting end of life wishes and values. (49:50 – through to end)

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