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David Rosenstein is an admissions coordinator and sales development representative at Bullseye Admissions, an education startup to help high school students navigate the college application process. He graduated in May 2020 from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business with dual degrees in marketing and management.  Needless to say, amidst a global pandemic, David graduated into the worst job market in generations. The job he had secured with LinkedIn as a Business Leadership Program associate was deferred to the Summer of 2021. Nevertheless, David didn’t give up and was back on the job market.  By fall 2020, he’d been hired by Bullseye Admissions in September and continued his side-hustle Rosenstein Speaks, also known as DR Consulting, which he founded in college. Through Rosenstein Speaks, David advises students and professionals on how to build and optimize their LinkedIn presence and their resumes.


  • What it was like to graduate amidst the coronavirus pandemic (7:09)
  • Why it’s important to utilize your alumni network and connections through family and friends (11:00)
  •  What does an admissions coordinator and SDR do (12:56)
  • How and why you should showcase your accomplishments on LinkedIn (17:22)
  • How networking on LinkedIn helped David secure internships with Scholastic, HelloFresh and LinkedIn (28:00)
  • Why David became an expert on LinkedIn – and how you can too (35:17)
  • What some of the most common mistakes students that students are making while job searching (38:12)
  • How to find your dream job (40:36)
  • Why having a positive mindset can help your job search (44:45)
  • What advice David would give his younger self (52:35)

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