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Kelsey Hess was a content and brand manager for Dr. AvivaRomm* and Kion, a rapidly growing health and wellness startup founded by Ben Greenfield.  In each of these companies, Kelsey led organic brand growth, awareness, and sales through content and brand-focused campaigns. She is also a certified transformational nutrition coach.  That’s a big switch from how Kelsey started out her career after graduating from the Colorado School of Mines with a degree in environmental engineering.  

*Kelsey left AvivaRomm shortly after we did our T4C interview in February 2020. 


  • What a content and brand manager is/the difference from a marketing manager (4:00)
  • Why a company goes through a rebrand (8:10)
  • What a typical day looks like for Kelsey (10:17)
  • How Kelsey writes for others in their voice and not hers (12:11)
  • How Kelsey’s own health story led to her passion for wellness (19:54)
  • What the downsides to birth control are you may not know about (26:30)
  • How Kelsey started her career in a very different place from where she is today  (32:00)
  • How Kelsey bounced back from struggles early on in her career (35:38)

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