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Theresa VanderMeer is the founder and CEO of Work + Shelter, an ethically-sourced cut & sew social enterprise based in the US and India.  Its mission is to employ and empower women in India who need to earn a regular salary in a safe place. Work + Shelter works primarily with clients in promotional marketing, as well as other businesses.  Before founding her business a decade ago, Theresa worked as an account manager for Google and Mojiva, a mobile ad network. She also worked in India as an associate director for offshore operations strategy at VivaKi, a digital advertising company.  Theresa graduated from the University of Michigan, with a degree in anthropology and international affairs.


  • What Work + Shelter is all about (4:10)
  • What kinds of products Work + Shelter produces (13:15)
  • What a typical workday day looks like for Theresa during the pandemic (20:52)
  • How Theresa kicked off her career after she graduated from Michigan (26:14)
  • What is Theresa’s best career advice for recent grads (31:20)
  • What Theresa did as an account manager for Google (40:24)
  • What she did as an associate director of offshore operations strategy at VivaKi (48:24)
  • What Theresa took away from her career challenges (52:47)

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