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University of California, San Diego

Bachelor's Psychology

University of Southern California

M.S. Organizational Development - Applied Psychology


Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“You have no limit on the number of shots you can take as far as going in and speaking to the company and try and get them to hire you or asking for a free ticket to that conference. Because, you’re a student and you don’t have money to go, but you really want to see that speaker that, that you think is really amazing. Like just take the shot and rejection really isn’t isn’t real.”

Career Challenge

“I had, I worked, as I told you, I was a communications major and my friend, he got me into a job to be an IT manager at the ecology lab. And they interpreted my ability to be a communications major as some sort of a computer person. I think that that’s what they interpreted communication speed. So it was woefully under qualified for this job. And I went in there and did my best to Google was my best friend. I was Googling everything trying to fix hard-driving all that. And one day they just emailed me and just told to not come back in. And I was heartbroken. I was such a mean way to get rid of someone.”


Career Coach, Training, LinkedIn, Speaker, Human Resources, Instructional Design, Onboarding, Editing, Recruiting, Writing, Business Strategy, Performance Management, Organizational Development, Public Speaking, Team Building, Career Counseling

Professional Interests

Psychology, Job Seeking, Hiring, Job Interviews, Human Resources

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