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“Sometimes we’re so wow’d and almost overtaken by the opportunities that we think, oh, I gotta get sit here and just to be quiet and just to learn to just scribble notes, when really, you need to probably more interact and … move the needle forward.”

Career Challenge

“At Accenture … I got my first evaluation and I’m definitely a numbers girl. I got a D in my estimation, like I was not doing well … I thought it was treading water, which was okay. But when I got that review, that was not the case. And it wasn’t a personality thing, my manager and I got along, but I just didn’t know the ropes. So I had a candid conversation with her. I said, ‘okay, well, what do I need to do?’ So she goes, ‘I’m glad you asked.'”


Consulting, Management, Teaching, Research

Professional Interests

Empowerment, Leadership, Growth

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