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Pennsylvania State University, Erie Campus

B.A. Communications



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“I’d stop trying to live so small and went through college, staying on budget and following the rules and creating the past and all of that. It’s just as made up as every single job title you you’ve ever read.”

Career Challenge

“I had a very big blow up with a manager that was the cumulation of a series of very negative events. That should have been warning flags for me. I stayed because it was a good job and I’m air quoting good job, good benefits, good pay, good. It was a remote, right? All of the things on paper, it looks really good, but it made me feel awful. And so after that conflict, where a manager said to me, you’re not a writer, you have no talent. It changed me. Something snapped up. And I remember walking out of that room, looking my mom dead in the eye and saying, I’m quitting this job and I’m starting a company.”


Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Public Speaking, Content Strategy, Blogging, Brand Awareness, Social Media

Professional Interests

Job Posting, Writing, Speaking, Training, Allyship, Pronouns

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