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Katrina Kibben is the CEO and Founder of Three Ears Media, a company of copywriters to support recruiters.  Three Ears offers team training, online courses, and writing services to translate best-in-class tactics into effective job postings that attract the right people and tell a company’s story. Before founding Three Ears Media, Katrina grew up traveling the world as an Army brat and has worked as a Social Media Ninja, technical copywriter, a CMO of marketing and the managing editor of a recruiting news site called They graduated from the Pennsylvania State University, Erie Campus in 2007 with a BA in communications. 


  • How recruiting and human resources are different (3:25)
  • Why Katrina calls job postings the “currency of recruiting,” and why companies need talented writers (5:03)
  • Katrina’s recipe: the essential ingredients for a good job posting (6:16)
  • Why it’s important to ask different questions to tell the story of work (7:39)
  • What common red flags you should look out for in job postings (8:59)
  • How job seekers can conduct an informed job search when almost all job titles are made up (11:03)
  • How losing their job two days before buying a house brought Katrina to their true calling (12:34)
  • How Katrina’s life changed after a manager told them they had no talent as a writer (20:38)

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