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Patrice Lindo is the People and Change Manager at KPMG, a management consulting firm where she leads teams that train KPMG clients to help them implement a variety of change initiatives. Prior to working at KPMG, Patrice had worked as the Human Performance Specialist at other management consulting firms, Deloitte and Accenture.  Patrice began her professional life as a teacher.  In her free time, Patrice runs Career Nomad, where she helps empower black women and women of color in the workplace. 


  • What is a People and Change Manager? (5:35)
  • What is the difference between human capital vs. human resources (8:15)
  • How Patrice’s background in teaching helped guide and develop her skills in consulting (23:23) 
  • How Patrice’s non-traditional college education helped her find herself professionally (26:53) 
  • How Patrice’s first workplace evaluation improved the way she approached her work  (41:04) 

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