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Babson College

B.S., Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, Business Administration and Management, General


Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“Every moment that you take action, whether you apply to a job, you reached out to someone for help, you might learn something that’s so small, but it might make you do an action differently.”

Career Challenge

I think once COVID-19 hit, we had sort of been all remote first. And for me, I’m very extroverted, I love seeing people in the office. I love whiteboarding. And so when we sort of transitioned into a workforce environment, it sort of forced me to go, whoa, like I definitely need to change my working style … I noticed myself being very anxious. I would pick up on like small nuances in conversations and overthink things and go well, “does that person really not like the work I did” or have these sorts of thoughts … sometimes it’s OK to reach out for help at that point.”


Advising, Strategy, Analytics, Marketing

Professional Interests

Collaboration, Mentoring, Professional Advice

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