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Jerry Lee is the co-founder and COO of Wonsulting, a company that teaches people the skills they need to go after their dream job. Jerry has a range of clients, from college students trying to land internships to seasoned professionals trying to make the next big step in their career. When he was a student at Babson College, he spent hundreds of hours applying to internships without getting a single offer. Then he cracked the code and became the first student at Babson to land an internship at Google. Jerry turned that internship into a full-time offer and  worked at Google for three years.  Eventually Jerry and Jonathan Javier, whose T4C episode you can listen to here, co-founded Wonsulting to try to level the playing field for students without connections or who need help putting together a great resume. Jerry graduated from Babson in 2017 with a B.S. in Business Management. You can follow him on Linkedin, where he has over 150,000 followers. Also check him out on Instagram and TikTok.


  • Why the “spray and pray” technique (randomly applying to hundreds of internships) doesn’t work and what does (5:41)
  • Why perhaps the best advice you can receive is “you’ll be fine” (6:27)
  • What Jerry’s (and your) real advantage over the competition is. Hint: it’s not that he’s smarter (11:17)
  • Why your resume should be clean and simple, and how to use numbers to demonstrate the impact of your work (14:13)
  • How Jerry differentiated himself among the supremely talented slate of interns at Google (19:29)
  • How Jerry’s first job at Google was as an analyst and what that means (26:32)
  • How to replicate Jerry’s strategies to get promoted quickly and often at your job (29:39)
  • How Jerry dealt with imposter syndrome, and why you should cultivate what he calls “champions” in your workplace (32:30)
  • Why Jerry ultimately left Google after three years (35:24)
  • How he co-founded Wonsulting and what he does as the COO (36:30)
  • Why Jerry doesn’t do the typical things high level tech entrepreneurs do (43:14)
  • Why he thinks you should seek out a therapist to work through your issues (45:27)
  • Why you should take courses in college that interest you, rather than boring courses that you know you’ll ace (50:51)


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