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School of Visual Arts

B.A., Fine Arts with an emphasis in Film, Video and Animation



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“Do your job well and good things will happen. It’s that simple.”

Career Challenge

“Every Sunday you had an advertiser that paid a lot of money to sponsor CBS’s webpage. So there was a lot of planning and pre-production that went into launching that experience. And I remember this is one of the first big ones that was given to me. So I wanted to make sure that I crushed it. Everything was perfect. I walked out of the door on the Friday, and I came in on Monday and found out the performance was zero because as much as I had set everything up and got everything right, in the right position, I forgot to turn it on.”


Digital Media, Online Advertising, DoubleClick, Digital Strategy, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Video, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Devices, Web Video, Display Advertising, Interactive Advertising, Ad Serving, New Media, Online Video Strategy

Professional Interests

AOL, The Walt Disney Company, NBCUniversal Media, LLC, Digital Media: Video Content Distribution Experts, DoubleClick for Publishers Professionals, Online Video Advertising, Harvard Business School, School of Visual Arts

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