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Georgetown University

Bachelor’s, Marketing


Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“Treat everyone you meet, every situation, with respect, and really think through how you’re treating people and the impression that you’re leaving.”

Career Challenge

“We had a client who wanted a total website redesign. And it was the first time in our business that we were going from the ground up, not just refreshing somebody’s website but really starting all over. And I don’t think that I realized what that entailed. And we really got into a hole. We hired a website designer to work with us and put this whole thing together, and it wasn’t good. It was so scary because a lot of money had been spent. I knew it wasn’t good. They didn’t like it. And they were not going to give us a lot of money to fix it. We had to fix it but without them spending a lot more money, and it produced the most anxiety in almost any moment in my career.”


Fashion, Blogging, Social Media, Public Relations, Styling, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Brand Development, Trend Analysis, Sales, Merchandising, Luxury Goods, Retail, Visual Merchandising, Editing, Illustration, Fashion Marketing


Professional Interests

Soapbox Strategists, NY Luxury Design Fair, Architectural Digest Design Show, Digital Storytellers, Fashion Marketing & Digital Media Group (FMG): A Meeting Place for Fashion & Marketing Professionals

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