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Hope Greenberg is the co-Founder of Soapbox Strategists a digital media agency that helps clients capture hearts (and dollars) in the online world.  But Hope’s journey to where she is today began in the analogue world. She spent nine years as the fashion director at Lucky Magazine, prior to which she was the fashion director at Self Magazine and an editor at Mirabella and Harper’s Bazaar. Most recently, Hope worked as an editorial, product, partnership, marketing and public relations consultant for established and emerging brands including Kate Spade, Joe Fresh, Target, Jennifer Fisher Jewelry, Kenneth Cole, Banana Republic and Shae NY.   From her years of experience at Lucky, the first magazine to merge content and commerce, Hope has made her mark helping brands define their voices and create original, results-focused content and marketing initiatives. She developed brand blogs for both Kate Spade and Kenneth Cole; co-authored Kate Spade’s “The Guide to Living Colorfully” book set; partnered on the curation of Lucky’s yearly signature event, Lucky Shops; and spearheaded the relaunch of the Joe Fresh global social media program.  Tune into this Espresso Shots episode to learn how you can break into the world of digital media!


  • Why resourcefulness is a key attribute to succeed in this field
  • Why you need to keep a to do list — especially at work
  • Why your ability to tell a story is an essential skillset
  • Why you need to be ready to talk about the kind of media and content you consume when you interview for a job in this field
  • What a social media influencer is and why they’re so important
  • Why you should watch the movie The Social Network to better understand this field
  • If you want to learn more about Hope’s current job and career listen to T4C episode #48

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