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Christina Lukeman is Head of Investor Relations at Agora, an organization founded in 2005 as a modern-day “public square” that brings together key stakeholders to accelerate social entrepreneurship — in order to create a positive social impact.  Christina’s job is to play a kind of a “cupid” role by building relationships with social entrepreneurs and investors who are looking to put their money towards a worthwhile cause. Agora is among the first impact focused investment funds in Latin America, and serves entrepreneurs in that region. Since its founding in 2005 this organization has been at the forefront of the venture capital world.   Christina is a multilingual MBA who has traveled all over the world – even once hula hooping her way across Latin America. After graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Christina spent a few years traversing the world before earning her MBA and filling out hundreds of job applications to find the career that fit her best. For this ‘caffeinated career conversation’ Christina joins us all the way from sunny California, rather than Mexico City where she’s now living,  to share the story of how she got to where she is today, and what its like to work in the influential and exciting world of venture capital.


  • Why you should follow your heart in your studies at school
  • Why it’s okay to be lost after you graduate — and in fact, why it’s something to embrace
  • How a social enterprise sees a problem and develops solutions, and how Christina helps them scale their wonderful work
  • Why you should explore a job in the social sector
  • How to be strategic in picking the right job for you
  • How to develop criteria to identify a good professional next step
  • What’s the deal with Hula Hooping across Latin America?
  • How to recover from getting rejected for a job you thought you wanted

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