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Middlebury College

Bachelor of Arts Environmental Studies and Psychology

Class of 2018


Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“Be patient. Keep an open mind because it’s not cut and dry. It’s not like we’re all on one linear path and going towards this North star where we’re all going to end up.”

Career Challenge

“When I was in the job search initially, I was so all over the place with applying for jobs and my informational interviews and I was getting those rejections and getting those glimpses of hope that I would land the job … I was getting so down sometimes about the rejections … and I think you can get into such a rut about the perfect job and the perfect scenario … Sometimes it led to comparing myself to my friends and other people in my life. I think what brought me out of it was staying close to my values and the things that I wanted out of life … I didn’t want to settle. And I think at times it was easy to want to settle and want to just throw up my hands and take a break or take whatever was offered. But having that inner compass that was really strong throughout that process … and an intuition that’s guiding you to the right thing … was really helpful for me.”


Microsoft Word, Teamwork, ArcGIS

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