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Caroline Muggia is an Associate Product Marketing Manager at Oscar Health, a New York City-based technology-focused health insurance company founded in 2012.  Oscar delivers in the health insurance industry through telemedicine, healthcare focused technology interfaces and transparent claims pricing systems. Caroline previously worked as an Editorial Assistant at the lifestyle media brand mindbodygreen. A recent graduate of Middlebury College (she graduated in 2018!), Caroline majored in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Psychology. Since starting college, Caroline has become increasingly interested in the health and wellness of the planet as well as the humans living on it. She even served as the co-Director of Student Health and Wellness at Middlebury.  Press play on this episode if you want to hear from a recent graduate who has already learned some super important life lessons for every java junkie!


  • If you want to listen to Caroline’s entire Time4Coffee interview please check out T4C episode #328
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