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University of Southern California

B.A., Communications & Cinema



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“We should do things that make us happy. And since it makes us happy, we’ll end up perfecting that thing that we’re doing, and it should equal commerce, meaning you should get some kind of salary from it.”

Career Challenge

“I had to leave a company and it wasn’t a decision that I made and it was a really low point in my career. I had worked there a long time and it was time to move on, but I wasn’t confident about the situation. So I rebooted my career, maybe not in a great way, but it ended up working out.”


Post Production, Operations Management, Team Leadership, Entertainment, Digital Media, Strategy, Troubleshooting, Data Analysis, Customer Satisfaction, Software Development, Client Engagement, Organization Skills, Team Building, Management


Professional Interests

Rose Marcario, WarnerMedia, Sony Pictures Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company, Armenian Entertainment, Media and Tech Industry Professionals, Armenian Professionals, Entertainment Industry, University of Southern California

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