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Tom Holland is the CEO of Team Holland LLC, a fitness consulting company that works with brands like Bowflex, Beachbody and Sportwater. He is an exercise physiologist, fitness guru and a certified sports nutritionist with over three decades of experience in the fitness world. Tom has designed and produced multiple fitness videos, written articles for a variety of fitness magazines, and appeared on a variety of television programs. He has also authored 7 books including his latest: The Micro-Workout Plan: Get the Body You Want without the Gym in 15 Minutes or Less a Day which was published in April 2020. Tom is an endurance athlete who has run over 60 marathons and ultra marathons and has completed 25 Ironman Triathlons. Tom hosts a podcast called “Fitness Disrupted with Tom Holland.” Tom received his BA in Communications from Boston College and his Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and Sports Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University.


  • Why Tom recommends that you should start as a personal trainer or group fitness instructor if you want a fitness career (3:56)
  • Why it’s important to be able to listen and connect with other people (6:07)
  • Why you don’t need to study physiology or any related field in college  (8:11)
  • Why it helps to have a graduate degree  (9:00)
  • How Tom’s interest in acting and comedy helped him build his career (10:55)
  • Why Tom says he has the greatest job in the world (12:48)
  • Why Tom finds it challenging to bust other people’s nutrition and exercise myths (13:51)
  • How Tom is able to relate to Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential” (17:56)
  • How you can still make a lot of money while working in the fitness industry (18:46)
  • If you want to listen to Tom’s main Time4Coffee interview please check out T4C episode #414

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