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Michael Counts is an artist, entrepreneur and pioneer in the field of immersive entertainment also known as transportive entertainment.  In other words, Michael creates large-scale entertainment experiences that involve the audience as a participant.  He is the founder of entertainment production company, Counts Projects, and the career coaching company, A-Plan Coaching. Over the years, Michael has breathed life into numerous creative endeavors such as, The Ride in New York City.  And he’s worked with A-list clients like fashion designer Michael Kors, and Hollywood shows including The Walking Dead.  Additionally, Michael has directed and designed multiple opera productions. He graduated from Skidmore College with a B.A. in theater and economics.


  • What people should do to break into the field (4:27)
  • Why putting on a production is like solving a Rubik’s Cube (5:52)
  • Why your major doesn’t matter to break into immersive theater (6:54)
  • Why it’s important to experience everything before ruling something out (10:48)
  • What is the best part of the immersive entertainment experience (13:14)
  • How the coronavirus knocked down the entertainment industry (14:54)
  • If you want to learn more about what Michael does as an immersive entertainment artist and how he built his career check out Time4Coffee episode #671


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