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Elizabeth Mitchell is the president and CEO of the Pacific Business Group on Health, a nonprofit coalition representing some of the country’s largest and most influential private employers and public purchasers. She graduated from Reed College with a degree in religion, and went on to get elected to the Maine State Legislature as a single mom in her mid-20’s.  Elizabeth also served as president and CEO of the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement as well as senior vice president for healthcare and community health transformation at Blue Shield of California


  • How young people can break into the $3 trillion dollar healthcare industry (4:45)
  • Why soft skills matter more than hard skills  (10:54)
  • Why to bring your boss a solution, not just the problem (12:50)
  • What are all the job options to explore in healthcare (19:00)
  • What are the gaps in healthcare right now (21:06) 
  • What the best career advice is that she ever got (22:50) 
  • Why this industry is kind of like the Hunger Games (25:12) 
  • Where the biggest demand is in healthcare (26:11)
  • If you want to learn more about what Elizabeth does in her current job and how she built her career tune in to T4C episode #717

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