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Elizabeth Mitchell is the president and CEO of the Pacific Business Group on Health, a nonprofit coalition representing some of the country’s largest and most influential private employers and public purchasers.  Together they are working to create the health care system organizations are proud to offer their workers.  Elizabeth graduated from Reed College with a degree in religion, and went on to get elected to the Maine State Legislature as a single mom. She’s also served as president and CEO of the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement as well as senior vice president for healthcare and community health transformation at Blue Shield of California


  • Who the main players are in the healthcare space (5:53)
  • What the Pacific Business Group on Health is and what they do (12:05)
  • How COVID has changed healthcare work (19:50)
  • Where young people are needed in the healthcare space (23:02)
  • Where recent college grads can find opportunities (25:00)
  • How to find and approach a mentor (28:32)
  • How harnessing your unique perspective can make a difference (33:21)
  • How failure can turn into opportunity (35:40)


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