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Kenda Macdonald is the founder and CEO of Automation Ninjas, a marketing automation company based in the U.K. that blends marketing with buyer psychology to create a new approach to marketing and advertising for businesses. Kenda founded her company in 2014 and has an academic background in Forensic Psychology, studying at Birkbeck College, a constituent of the University of London. She is also a Certified Partner and Consultant in Infusionsoft — the marketing and sales software now called Keap — with a specialty in Behavioral Marketing Automation, living and breathing the software for over 7 years. Kenda is also the author of Hack the Buyer Brain: A Revolutionary Approach to Sales, Marketing, and Creating a Profitable Customer Journey.


  • How working as a virtual assistant may be the best path to break into this field
  • What is marketing automation and why is it important for companies to utilize
  • Why a thirst for knowledge and creative data analysis are two important skills to have for entry-level positions
  • Which university and online courses, like Conversion XL, can help you learn and refine your skills
  • What life experiences will give you a competitive edge in marketing automation
  • Whether or not what you study in undergraduate or graduate school matters
  • Why learning patience is key to success in marketing automation and in life
  • Why The Wolf of Wall Street and Mad Men do not accurately depict marketing and advertising
  • Why to listen to Kenda’s main Time4Coffee interview episode #268

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