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Kenda Macdonald is the founder and CEO of Automation Ninjas, a marketing automation company based in the U.K. that blends marketing with buyer psychology to create a new approach to marketing and advertising for businesses. Kenda founded her company in 2014 and has an academic background in Forensic Psychology, studying at Birkbeck College, a constituent of the University of London. She is also a Certified Partner and Consultant in Infusionsoft — the marketing and sales software — with a specialty in Behavioral Marketing Automation, living and breathing the software for 7 years. Kenda is also the author of Hack the Buyer Brain: A Revolutionary Approach to Sales, Marketing, and Creating a Profitable Customer Journey.


  • What behavioral marketing automation is and how Automation Ninjas uses it to help its clients
  • What is the software Infusionsoft and how it’s useful in the field of automated marketing
  • How Kenda’s background in forensic psychology has helped her in her career
  • How reading The Advertising Effect inspired Kenda to start her own company
  • Why learning how to read data is super important if you want to get into marketing
  • Why it’s important to give yourself a break and find lessons from every failure

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