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Marion Abrams is the producer and videographer for the Spartan Up Podcast, which she co-created with Spartan Race CEO, Joe De Sena. As Marion explains, the Spartan brand is more than just an obstacle race, and their six-weekly podcast shows are designed to supplement their racer’s mind and body training. The Spartan Up Podcast and videos have gotten over 16 million downloads and continued to rank among the top 5% of all podcasts. Marion also runs her own freelance business, known as Madmotion Story & Strategy, where she uses creative content and data to build and share stories. To date, Marion has conducted over 1,000 interviews and shares her knowledge with others on her website Interview Lessons. In this episode of T4C Marion shares how the Spartan Up Podcast got started and tells the story on how they were able to land one of their first interviews with Richard Branson on his own private island! After you learn what Marion’s life is like as she produces content on multiple platforms from Vermont, you should re-listen to Time4Coffee Episode #55 with Joe for an even more expansive view into the Spartan brand.  


  • If you want to listen to Marion’s entire interview tune in to T4C episode #279

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