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Joe De Sena, the CEO of Spartan Race, has always been guided by his entrepreneurial drive. Before applying to Cornell University, Joe had already built a multimillion dollar pool business in his hometown New York City in which he cleaned the pools of a Mob boss. After graduating from Cornell, where he majored in Textiles (and that’s a story you gotta hear), Joe’s passion took him to Wall Street to make money, and eventually to Vermont, where his business acumen helped him operate and manage an organic farm among other ventures. It was in Vermont where Joe first developed his idea for the Spartan Races – the international fitness phenomenon that’s gaining popularity in more than 30 countries across the world with over 200 events. These endurance races are rooted in Joe’s own mantra of gritty motivation. In an age of luxury and technology, Joe’s mission is to ensure people stay active and embrace the Spartan, more puritanical lifestyle. Two-time New York Times bestselling author of the cultural hits Spartan Up and Spartan Fit, Joe has a thing or two to say about getting off the couch, on the move, and towards a better, healthier and more focused future. Listen up, Java Junkies!


  • Why it’s important to get off the couch and just keep moving
  • How to develop your own entrepreneurial spirit and get shit done
  • Why and how you should find your ‘true north’
  • Why you should roll up your sleeves and live your principles
  • Why it’s important to embrace a Spartan lifestyle so you can take care of both your mind and your body
  • What it’s like to only want water, food and shelter
  • The Spartan Way: Eat Better. Train Better. Think Better. Be Better.
  • Listen to the Spartan Up Podcast
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