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Peter Loge is an Associate Professor at The George Washington University school of Media and Public Affairs where he shares his wisdom on communications, politics, and management with his many students.  An expert in public policy, Peter has served in senior positions for three members of the House of Representatives, the late Senator Kennedy, and during the Obama Administration when he was appointed a senior advisor to the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. Drawing from his decades of experience on the soccer field and off, he penned the book: Soccer Thinking For Management Success: Lessons for Organizations from the World’s Game. In this highly regarded book, Peter uses the sport of soccer to show how working as a team towards a common goal can lead to greater business success in our current fast-paced working world. 


  • Why college students need to learn how to manage now, rather than later
  • How the game of soccer helps you to better understand how to become a better professional 
  • What skills make for a great political staffer and how you can learn them
  • What it really means to manage up and why that’s one of the most important skills young professionals need to learn
  • Why failure is far from the worst thing that can happen to you — in fact, it’s a positive thing
  • Why you should follow the Harvard Business Review (HBR) on twitter to read their articles for free
  • Why you should read the Fast Company Leadership hacks
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