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Yale University

B.A. Philosophy

Harvard Business School

M.B.A Business Administration



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“What kind of kinds of jobs you want to get that are attractive to you early enough? And then what’s feels would be most useful to try to develop for those early on. Even if not the courses you take, how or what kind of skills would put you in a good position?”

Career Challenge

“I’ve been head of marketing for a short time at a hired someone who became the head of marketing underneath me ahead of doing our advertising and this person involved a campaign. And we’d gotten rid of her ad agency and the campaign was not good. And I said, let me take it to the vice presidents and I’ll show it. Cause I didn’t want her to have to have her first debut being shown something that wasn’t that good. I helped to fix it a little bit of help to create a little bit better. We showed this thing. And then the editor said, who is responsible for this? This is terrible. This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. How could this get? And I sat there and looked and I said, I had thought about it. I’m thinking about throwing her under the bus, toward everyone under the bus. I just said, I’m responsible because I approve this. I brought it here and there was dead silence and the whole room. And I said, I’m gonna go try to fix it. I see we can do now to fix this. So I went back and I thought it was be fired that day.”


Publishing, Digital Media, Marketing Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Advertising, Analytics, Cost Management, Business Strategy

Professional Interests

Data Analytics, Consulting, Software, Technology, Media Companies

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