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Harvard University

B.A., Government

Yale University - Yale School of Management

(MPPM) Management



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“Build this business like you were going to own it forever. Don’t try to build it to flip it.”

Career Challenge

“The beverage distributors, the folks distributing Arizona or Nantucket Nectars or Canada Dry, Ginger Ale, they weren’t interested in working with us cause they thought our product was too much of a niche. And so we were at the risk of being pigeonholed into the small niche that was a nice, quaint business but not a growth business. And we were always serious about democratizing this concept of organic and healthy drinks. We wanted to make them available everywhere. So the aspiration was there, but the business wasn’t. It just meant a lot of rejection from distributors and challenges there.”


Leadership, Entrepreneurship

Professional Interests

Peter H. Diamandis, David L. Katz, Lucie Basch, Tom Monahan, Harvard University, The Coca-Cola Company, Yale School of Management

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