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Yale University

B.A., History



Career Path

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“The tools at the disposal of young professionals is incredible. But I think you need to be really careful and thoughtful as well … The point here is being thoughtful about how you present yourself and stepping in the shoes of a viewer.”

Career Challenge

“I helped start a company … and I actually got laid off from that company after 9/11. It was a very difficult time in so many ways … In my search for my new opportunity, … I was contacted by one of the companies in the space that that company was. So they kind of knew me and they knew a company I had worked with and so my experience was directly valuable to them. I’ve learned something in every role that I’ve ever had, but I think if I look back, I think it was probably just too quick to jump onto the next thing. I wasn’t more patient in terms of finding the right fit or the right opportunity for myself … I think part of it is, how do you try to … find a way to separate your thoughts and intellectually what you’re pursuing from the emotions you have? … It’s great to have emotions, great to have a passion. It’s great to have excitement, … to be able to inspire and to be inspired. But if you let things bring stress and anxiety to you, or if you react emotionally with a negative lens to it, you’re likely not going to be at your best.”


Start-Ups, Strategic Partnerships, Business Development

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