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Scott Roberts is the Vice President and Head of Business Development at LinkedIn. When he joined the company in 2007 it was still operating like a start-up with about 100 employees.  Since then LinkedIn has grown to 15,000 employees and from 13 million members to over 700 million. Scott’s role in the company includes working to increase user growth and engagement as well as the development and growth of their Hiring, Learning, Marketing and Selling businesses. Prior to working at Linkedin, Scott served as the Director of Business Development and Business Management at Yahoo. Scott earned his B.A in History from Yale University


  • How LinkedIn has evolved over the years (6:15)
  • What a “typical” day for Scott looks like (12:57)
  • How best to network on LinkedIn (22:48)
  • How to better understand what you have to offer companies (27:21)
  • How to manage your own personal brand (30:43)
  • Why it’s OK (and perfectly normal) not to love your first job and what you can learn from it (35:44)
  • Why you shouldn’t let your emotions control your career moves (40:44)
  • How to build your own group of career advisors (44:10)
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