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Yale University

B.A., Global Affairs



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“Don’t be shy to promote yourself, advertise yourself in the right way, because you have accomplished great things and you will continue to accomplish great things. And don’t be afraid to brag about yourself in the right way so that when people think back to their interactions with you, you really stand out in their minds.”

Career Challenge

“I was planning this 20th anniversary party for over 300 guests, so a lot of pressure to make sure it special and perfect for our firm and for our leadership. And then at the same time I was hiring for my replacement. I was doing my normal day to day job as Nelson’s assistant, and I was already starting my new responsibilities as senior associate. So I was slowly losing my mind… I think that my biggest lesson from that was being able to take a step back, realize that probably things will only get harder from this stage of my career and knowing how to manage that.”


Fundraising, Foreign Languages, Microsoft Excel, Sailing, International Relations, Stata

Professional Interests

Yale University Careers, Hopkins School, McLarty Associates, Biden-Harris 2020 Alumni Group, McLarty Associates Alumni Group, The Richard U. Light Fellowship Alumni Group, Yale University

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