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Sanam Rastegar is a Senior Associate at McLarty Associates in the field of strategic advising.  She received her B.A. in Global Affairs from Yale University in 2016. Before graduating, she had the opportunity to intern at Independent Talent Group Limited in London, Maclaren and Hermès. In these positions, she tried her hand at marketing, merchandising, and assisting employees in important tasks. Sanam learned the basics of how to succeed at a well known organization before she even received her college degree. In addition, besides her hard work in the academic and work environments, Sanam spent all four years on the Yale Sailing Team. Despite earning valuable recognition in this aspect as well, Sanam says that this experience taught her to be a leader and how to work as a member of a close knit team. She even planned a sailing regatta that gave her useful skills to help plan the McLarty 20th Anniversary Party in 2018. Once she had her degree in hand, Sanam applied for an entry level associate position at McLarty Associates and was hired. Her time spent as an assistant to the Chairman gave her the chance to soak up valuable knowledge from her boss and learn the ins and outs of the industry. Two years into her professional career, Sanam has already been promoted to a Senior Associate position at the firm and continues to be passionate about the company. Tune into this episode to learn how you can be successful right out of the university gate!


  • What are the different entry-level paths you can take to break into this field
  • What are the skills that can make you more competitive to get a job in strategic consulting/advisory
  • Whether a graduate degree in this field is necessary
  • What majors are more useful to have to break into this field
  • How speaking different languages and/or traveling abroad can be helpful to make your application stand out
  • Listen to Sanam’s full T4C episode #11:  How to Leverage Internships for a Full-Time Job w/ Sanam Rastegar, McLarty Associates

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