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Harvard University

B.A., English



Career Path

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“It’s so important, especially in television and in film and in very collaborative mediums to have something that’s all your own … If you have something that’s creatively yours, that will nourish you.”

Career Challenge

“I struggled when I first came to CBS Sunday Morning because my last job had been more sort of capital C Comedy. And I remember, I thought that every piece I did had to be funny and I had to make everything funny. And luckily, I worked for a guy who is so great … And he said what a shrink had said to me once also … ‘It’s okay to not always be funny. It’s okay to just be smart.’ … I think it took an adjustment and it was ultimately freeing to say every story will be different and some will have more humor and some will have less humor. But I think that was definitely an adjustment.”

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