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Rhode Island College

B.A., Theatre Performance and Secondary Ed. English

New York University

M.A., Educational Theatre



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“You cannot underestimate the significance of making other people feel significant. So if you’re having a conversation with somebody and you take the time to basically be like, ‘how much can I understand about them?’ And if you really dig in, then they are going to feel so much more connected.”

Career Challenge

“I remember going to sign this contract and them telling me I can’t sign this contract because my money’s gone.
And I remember having to come home to my then girlfriend … and saying, I am screwed. We do not have this money. We do not have a sort of any way to start to make this, make this work … So I have this moment where I wrote an email to probably close to a hundred people that I’d met … And I remember sending that email and basically being like, wow, everybody’s going to sink. I am such a loser.”


Teaching, Directing, Consulting, Networking

Professional Interests

Theater, Literature, Writing, Production

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