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Michael Roderick is the founder and CEO of Small Pond Enterprises and is the co-host of The Access to Anyone Podcast. Small Pond coaches people on their professional relationships to help them develop a larger network and more business opportunities. Michael began his professional life as a High School English teacher who eventually pivoted in his career path and became a Broadway producer. The Access to Anyone Podcast covers similar topics with a focus on exploring the different methods to achieve better connections and career opportunities. Michael earned a B.A. in Theatre Performance and Secondary Education from Rhode Island College and an M.A. in Educational Theatre from New York University.


  • Why Michael studied theatre performance and secondary education and what he wanted to do with his degree post graduation (4:50)
  • How Michael adjusted from being the big fish in a small pond at his first job after college (8:08)
  • Why Michael thinks you need to create your own small pond of opportunities (10:30)
  • How Michael’s background in theatre helped influence his teaching style (13:01)
  • What steps Michael took to create his own pond in the ocean of New York City (15:51)
  • How “the bar party effect” helped Michael to network (17:32)
  • How connecting with people from industries outside of theatre helped Michael launch career in Broadway production (23:31)
  • Why Michael believes every person, regardless of their job, deserves to be treated with respect and how it helped him get his first big break (26:38)
  • What Michael does as a producer (36:16)

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